December 18, 2007

Location v. Career

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Yesterday on The Simple Dollar, Trent Hamm continued his review of What Color Is YourParachute? with chapter 8: How To Pick a New Place to Live. I think the choice between moving somewhere new for a job or moving somewhere new for the location is one that a lot of twenty-somethings face. I know that I have. Depending on your field and your preference for location, it could be a matter of choosing between your career and your happiness. For instance, in the music industry, you are very limited in your choice of locations for work. It’s New York, L.A., or Nashville, unless you luck out in finding one of the few jobs scattered in other cities across the country. What if your family, or your heart is in a smaller town or different geographic location? Do you sacrifice location for building your career? Will you be as happy with work accomplishments if there is no one around to celebrate them with? Or do you justify it by telling everyone that the sacrifice is temporary?

All of these are questions that I have struggled with at one point or another. My heart is inUS Map another part of the country, but I find that the job market is so much better in the bigger, more prestigious cities. At this point, I have sacrificed location for building my career. And don’t get me wrong, D.C. is a great place to live and I never lack for things to do. I would not be opposed to staying here, but I could enjoy even more if I had someone to share the city with. I would say that I am becoming a believer in the idea that choosing a location before choosing a job leads to happiness. Anyone can make do where they are, but I think that if you love the city you’re in, everything else will fall in to place and you will make your career happen.

Why do you live where you live? Do you think choosing location over career makes any difference in happiness or satisfaction?