January 3, 2008

Marian the Librarian

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When I was younger, the Music Man was one of my favorite musicals, and the song about Marian the Librarian was near the top of the list. Since that time, my love of libraries has not diminished. Here I am 23 years old, a full-time professional living on my own, and I still love the library as much as if I were headed there for story-time.

Here are just 10 of my favorite reasons to love the library:

1. Sound of constantly clicking keys on the computer keyboards, because no matter when you go, there are always dozens of people using the free internet.

2. Self-checkout – you no longer have to explain your book selection when the librarian is giving you quizzical looks about the self-help non-fiction you’ve been dying to read.

3. The amazing magazine selection. Enough said.

4. The heat setting set to a super-warm temperature in the winter as if they want you to fall asleep rather than actually finish the chapter you’re trying to read.

5. The somewhat quirky CD collection where you always end up with something you’ve never heard of before.

6. The magic of the online catalog: where dreams can be both realized and squashed.

7. The overly zealous librarian ready to assist in your every need.

8. The children’s section, where kids can’t seem to get enough of reading and learning.

9. The sight of someone standing in an aisle completely lost in a book they intended to only read the back of.

10. As much reading as you want – for FREE!

What other place is as cool as the library??

~Dorky DC