About Save the Lobsters

Katelyn and Lindsay met on the first day of college orientation in Columbus, Ohio.  By the end of that first day, Katelyn and her family had invited Lindsay home with them for Thanksgiving.  A strong friendship soon developed and over the course of that next year many, many hours were spent at the local coffee shop in debate and discussion on a wide spectrum of topics.  When Lindsay transferred schools and moved to the west coast, the two decided to start a blog to continue those talks in an online coffee shop of sorts now known as “Save The Lobsters!”

We envisioned “STL!” as a forum where we could discuss, debate, question, wonder, observe, and share our ideas on just about anything.  We offer up our perspectives as recent college graduates eager to keep learning, and hope you’ll provide us with your own opinions and thoughts.  Welcome to the blog and our ongoing conversation!

For questions or more information, email: savethelobstersinfo@gmail.com

~Katelyn and Lindsay



  1. Ryan Healy said,

    Hey Guys,

    I love the blog! But I can’t find any contact info. When you get a chance can one of you send an email to ryanhealy@employeeevolution?



  2. Mary berglund said,

    I just got caught up on the latest entries – I am so proud of both of you! DC come see us again. Love you both – LA see ya soon.

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