October 12, 2008

Is Now the Time to Sacrifice?

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:30 pm by Katelyn

The economy is failing and it’s the only thing we see on the news these days. While you may or may not have felt the effects of this crisis, we are told that we soon will, and it worries me. I have always thought of our twenties as the time to go after our dreams, to make mistakes, but to take chances so that we can learn about ourselves and what we want from our lives. Do these rules still apply to twenty-somethings spending this “prime” in an economic crisis?

For me personally, a graduate education is a must at some point, and I would like that point to be in my twenties. But how can I justify giving up a salary to become a full-time student again, when who knows what the job market will look like in two years! Do I just make the promise to myself that I WILL go back to school, but that I will wait until things are more stable and promising? Or is now the time to do it and have faith that things will turn around and I will graduate into a more prosperous time?

I know there are others who are still searching for their dream job. They are in a position that is not ideal and they know they could be so much more if they were just doing something else! Should they just be grateful that they have a salary when so many don’t and use this time to tweak their skills and network so that when the job market bounces back they will be first in line for that dream job? Or do they take their chances in job searching or quitting and have faith that when you are going for what you want, things can work out?

I am certainly feeling the stress of the situation – not necessarily in my check book, but in my thoughts. Some days I blame my anxiousness on the media that continuously feeds us gray story after gray story. But then there are other days when I look around at my mid-western city and see that times are hard for people.

Am I wanting too much that I am forgetting to stop and remember that I have so much? I am sure that generations before us have been in similar situations where they have had to make tough and risky decisions sacrificing dreams or security. And I am willing to sacrifice as well and change my thinking to always count my blessings. But for how long?

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  1. Chelsey said,

    I think that if you have a job right now with a good salary and you love what you do that you should stick with it. You will get to school if you set your goals and plan for it. If you want it you know you will do it! The economy is a stressful place right now staying in a place where you love your job and are making money is critical especially when so many people are unemployed and will be looking for jobs at the same time as you when you get out of school.

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