June 8, 2008

Effortless Consequence

Posted in Life tagged , at 2:34 pm by Katelyn

Read With The Lobsters! – Every weekend, Katelyn and Lindsay discuss the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi in an effort to sharpen networking skills.

“When your day is fueled by passion, filled with interesting people to share it with, reaching out will seem less like a challenge or a chore and more like an effortless consequence of the way you work” (p. 104).

This is the final paragraph of chapter 12 – Share Your Passions – and I took away more from these few lines than I took away from the other 5 pages in this chapter.

Go ahead, read that closing paragraph again…

Ferrazzi is calling us to a life where networking isn’t really networking, it’s simply being excited enough about your passions that you want/need to share that with others.  Then it’s continuing to FILL your life with interesting people, whether they be fully interested in your passions or passions of their own.   So to me, this isn’t really about networking at all, but about finding the passion in your life and then seeing it as your responsibility to  spread it.

It’s true when you think about it – people who are in love with something, whether it’s their business, music, politics, a community organization, etc. you get wrapped up in it and you feel a connection to that person.  You feel vested in their passions because you see the way it makes them feel.  That can be one strong network.

So what about those of us who are still in search of that passion that can’t be contained and has to be shared?  I think that we start our networks based on those who share our interests.  We can easily form connections with people who enjoy running as much as we do, or who enjoy the same band that we love.  So we start from there as we continue to soul search and experience as much as possible in our search for our passions.  When we’ve found that fire, whenever it may be, that is when we will be able to form connections with all types of people who will be drawn in by the excitement we have for what we believe in.  Our network will be an effortless consequence of the way we live.


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