June 2, 2008

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

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I recently had to make yet another big decision in my life.  And by big decision I mean anything that will affect my daily life for a possible extended amount of time.  In the week and a half of torture that I went through in weighing my options and finally putting myself behind my decision, I learned something about myself that I am writing down so I remember it and future decisions will feel less like purgatory…

My initial reaction/feeling when first posed with my alternate option or decision is really my gut instinct speaking to me and that is ultimately what will make me happiest.

I have many friends, family members, and mentors whose opinions and insight I value very much.  Because of this, when a decision is placed in front of me I feel that I cannot make a choice until I have heard the thoughts of these people.  While they always stretch my mind and get me to consider different perspectives, I am influenced by them and sometimes in directions that are not in line with my heart.

That initial reaction that we have to something, anything, is what we think before we think and before we are affected by external factors like opinions, money, status, etc.   I know that decisions are hardly ever that black and white, but I think that listening to our heart and going with our gut is what we should strive for in the majority of our decisions.

In the end a decision must be made and we will never know whether we made the right one, but at least we made one and we stayed true to ourselves in doing so.

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