April 3, 2008

Traveling on a Small Scale: Explore Your State

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I too see the value of travel, especially as a twenty-something with as much independence as I’ll ever have.  Yesterday, Katelyn gave some great ideas for traveling on a budget.  While you’re saving funds and accumulating time off work for those trips, here’s an idea to hold you over: day-long road trips within your state or surrounding area.

It doesn’t matter where you live – there are bound to be tons of possibilities for day trips.  It’ll get you away from the craziness of daily life and provide you with an interesting experience, be it adventurous or educational.

The cost can be minimal.  Gas is getting expensive, but compared to the cost of a hotel or airfare, it looks dirt cheap.  Take a friend along and split the fuel costs.  To save even more money, pack a picnic lunch with food from home.  That way you’ll only pay for gas, dinner, and possibly the attraction you visit – unless you’re super savvy and pick a free (!) attraction.

I’m planning on visiting some of California’s missions, like this one in San Juan Capistrano.  Cool old buildings + California history + beach town = great day trip.

So why not see something new, maybe learn a thing or two, and get the feeling of a mini-vacation all for a minimal expense?


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  1. Definitely makes a lot of sense to take advantage of nearby attractions. You get to go somewhere new without busting the bank.

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