March 19, 2008

Making A Big City Feel Like A Small Town

Posted in Life tagged , , at 7:20 pm by Lindsay

Living in Los Angeles, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of 16 million people that live in the metro area.  While I’m thrilled with the opportunities a big city like LA has to offer, it’s also nice to cultivate the feelings of comfort and security found in a smaller town.  Here are some ways to make the 16 million seem like only, you know, 6 million:

Bypass The Big Chains For The Locally Owned – Every Saturday morning my roommates and I walk down to the corner coffee shop for our weekly java.  We know the owner and her family by name and are starting to recognize the other regulars that frequent the shop.  Not only is it nice to see a friendly face who notices when you miss a week, but the relationship has paid off in other ways.  When my roommate went to buy a new car, the owner of the coffeeshop hooked her up with a friend at a dealership, and as a result, my roommate got a much better deal than offers from other dealerships where she didn’t know anyone. 

Attend Town Festivals And Events – Nothing will make you feel more like a part of the community than, you know, actually being in the community.  Art festivals, holiday parades, summer celebrations, concerts – they’re all fun, usually free, and you’ll see a different side of your community.  You might even meet some new people or at least begin to recognize fellow citizens.  Come for the delicious fair food, stay for the community. 

Join A Group – Whether it’s the local softball team, the church choir, a YMCA membership, or a service club, join some sort of community club or council.  You’ll be an active member in the community and meet people you never would have otherwise. 

Hit The Books – Your local library branch is probably the best place to find out what’s going on in the community.  Most community organizations and services use the library as a posting place for announcements, informative flyers, and brochures.  While you’re there, check out some books or DVDs – for free!

The more you feel like part of your community, the more you’ll like where you live, making a big city feel like home sweet home.



  1. Nicole said,

    Really nice blog!! I enjoyed your suggestions. I will be moving to LA in January. It is nice to know that you can make even a city with LA’s reputation feel like home.

  2. Lindsay Berglund said,

    Thanks, Nicole! When you move here, check out the LA Weekly paper – it’s free and is the best source for what’s going on around the city. I also use the CalendarLive website which is part of the LA Times.

    Good luck with your move! LA is a great place to live, traffic and all!

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