March 10, 2008

Who to advise?

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One of Marci Alboher’s recent guest-bloggers on Shifting Careers was Michael Melcher, a career coach, who wrote about the idea of creating and maintaining a personal board of directors. All organizations or programs that are looking to grow and advance have a board of directors with various backgrounds and areas of expertise to evaluate and lead the group successfully forward. As young professionals looking to advance our careers and grow both personally and professionally, a board of directors would be a great asset.

The article is well presented with tips for finding the right group of people for your board and keeping in touch with everyone. My only question regarding a personal board of directors is — Is it more suited to people with a few more years of experience in work and life?

Let me explain…right now I rely heavily on my family and a small, select group of friends for advice on my career and life. My career is still young enough that I have not yet made many strong professional contacts and the majority of the friends I make or already have are as young and inexperienced in major life/career decisions as I am.  In addition, a handful of them have taken the graduate school route and have yet to experience the real world.  Who do I have outside of my biased family and friends to ask for unbiased, challenging advice?

If the whole idea of a board of directors is to have a diverse group of people, am I at the stage to be able to assemble one that will truly be beneficial? Who is the target demographic for something like this?


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  1. Lindsay Berglund said,

    You’re right. It’d be easier to assemble a top-notch board when you have 10 years’ worth of connections, mentors, and associates.

    I’ve heard of corporations that have mentoring programs. If yours doesn’t, it’s okay. I’ve found that more often than not, successful, experienced people like to share what they’ve learned. They like to take a promising talent under their wing and help them along the way.

    But for now, I’ve found that it’s especially important to be an active Chairman of that Board, even though you’re already CEO of the company, so to speak. It’s important to have help and guidance from parents and friends, but at the same time, they’ll never know what you want as well as you do.

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