February 9, 2008

Couples crossing over

Posted in Politics tagged , , , at 5:51 pm by Katelyn

I only have internet connection for a brief amount of time, but I wanted to post something I heard on NPR the morning after Super Tuesday. A reporter was recapping her conversations with voters from the primaries the night before, and she noticed that for the majority of couples with whom she spoke, the trend was that the husband voted for Clinton and the wife voted for Obama. I found that very interesting, and actually a colleague of mine said he and his wife were the exact same way. Obviously this is only one reporter out of hundreds who noticed this trend, but I wonder why the men were the ones willing to accept the idea of a female president. Is it that the women could not, or simply that Obama’s stance on certain issues is more appealing? Maybe there’s no conclusion or theory to be drawn from this, but I thought I would throw it out there.


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  1. Pullman said,

    It is interesting especially considering the general trend in exit polls, where women tend to say they voted for Clinton. Not that exit polls are always trustworthy, ex. New Hampshire.

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