February 7, 2008

And Then There Were Four…

Posted in Politics tagged , , , , , at 9:08 pm by Lindsay

Some might say three.  I would.  But officially, there are four candidates left in the presidential primary race.   Rudy watched his campaign evaporate in the Florida heat and Mitt Romney bowed out after a less-than-super Tuesday, leaving quasi-conservative McCain and Mike I-don’t-believe-in-evolution Huckabee for the red.  On the blue side, media darling Obama and poll-leader Clinton.  (Note: I don’t pretend to be unbiased.  I have my allegiances.  If you care to defend your candidate, comments are welcome!)

Here’s where the candidates stand in terms of delegates:

Clinton 1,033 vs. Obama 937

McCain 714 vs. Huckabee 181

Remember, in our STL goes to Washington post about delegates, we explained how superdelegates aren’t attached to any state’s results and therefore are only estimates.  Also, the delegates won by drop outs are redistributed.  Slate explains that further here.

So it looks like McCain’s your grand old guy.  Most think that all Huckabee’s running for anymore is the office of vice president, being that he’s so far behind in the delegate count.

There are still several months (yes, months) of primaries to go.  I’m looking forward to Ohio and Texas on March 4th.  But then again, with so close a race it might be up to South Dakota and Montana in their final June 3rd primaries.   Let’s hope a clear winner appears before then.


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