January 28, 2008

Fun Idea of the Day

Posted in Life tagged , , , at 11:37 am by Lindsay

Got a little extra time on your hands?  Me neither.  But here’s a fun idea that I’ve been dabbling with lately- start a club.  I’ve co-founded two clubs in the last couple of months as a way to fill the void left by an extracurricularless, post-college existence.  For me, the best part of college was the clubs and organizations I got to be a part of.  Now that I’ve graduated, there are no more coffee house College Democrats strategy sessions trying to figure out how to entice students to register to vote (as if the principles of a representative democracy are not enough) or Student Leadership Council retreats to the outback of Tennessee.  But because my yearning for purposeful socialization lives on past my graduation date, I figure, why not start my own clubs?  Nothing fancy, no constitution or Robert’s Rules of Order, just small get-togethers for a common interest. 

The first club is a copycat of an organization seen on the funniest show on television, “The Office”.  On the show, Pam, Toby, and Oscar hold sessions of “The Finer Things Club” where they drink tea out of dainty little teacups, read novels of refinement, and generally enjoy the finer things in life.  My sister and I have started our own chapter, and with patron saint Oscar Wilde watching over us, have been taking time to notice the little things in life, like black americanos with pink-frosted cookies.  Our recent accomplishment is a re-working of the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest Films list.  (Since I know you’re curious, in our humble opinion, “Gone With The Wind” is the greatest film ever made.)

The second club was started with my roommate as a way to pursue learning and continuing education after college- the SPI, or Society to Promote Intellectualism.  We made a list of topics that we want to know more about and have always been interested in.  Each week we pick a field, divide up the research, and then report our findings at the meetings.  We’re hoping to mix it up with field trips, attending public lectures, creative writing exercises, and whatever else we come up with.  Funny how it’s not as oppressive as I remember homework being when it’s a result of your own initiative and direction.   

If these things aren’t your bag of tricks, how about a book club, hiking club, scrapbooking club, sushi club, or (insert a hobby here) club?  I use the term club loosely – as in a group of friends who sometimes get together for a particular reason.  Come up with a name and you’re good to go.  Happy clubbing!


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