January 22, 2008

I Saw the Sign

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I’ve never met or been one of those people who whole-heartedly believe in signs, or fate, or Signsthe alignment of the stars, but over the last week or so I have found myself saying or thinking something along those lines more than once.

It all started with a job-offer. It was a great offer, but the decision was one I took seriously and deliberated over. There are a lot of pros to my current job and I wanted to make sure that if I left it, I would be leaving for the right reasons. On the afternoon of the day before my decision was due, my supervisor sat down in my office to fill me in on the topics of the staff meeting I’d missed that morning. She explained at length the discussion that had taken place regarding our company’s not-so-great financial situation and the possibility of cut-backs and lay-offs. All I could think of was the fact that I was at the bottom of the totem pole and would most likely be the first to go should it come to that. This had to be a sign!

Then, once I decided to accept the job that would require an out-of-state move and my lease to be broken, I realized the financial stress of it all and began to wonder if I had made the wrong decision. But, in no time at all my apartment was rented getting me off the hook in terms of rent AND I found a great place to rent in my new city. Several people said that my stars must be aligned.

On the flip-side, I will be moving in less than a week and last night my car broke down when I was leaving my farewell dinner with a friend. As we were getting in the car to follow the tow truck, her husband said, “I think this is a sign that you should stay here and not move.”

What is it with signs and stars? I am really receiving a mixed-message about my recent decisions. It’s funny that when the signs are in support of my decisions, I am a believer in fate, but when they point to the contrary, I am suddenly a non-believer.

Do you believe in looking for signs?


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  1. Janey Lynn said,

    Heh. Almost to the point of being a fanatic.

    I think you should stay.

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