November 30, 2007

Question my Sanity

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One of the many things I looked forward to and then enjoyed over the holiday weekend was the opportunity to have a long conversation with my boyfriend’s father.  I value his insight and advice because he does not sugar-coat anything for me.  He listens to how my life and my job are going and then he bluntly tells me what he thinks I should do, and I appreciate that!  This past weekend was no exception.

I explained to him some of my frustrations with work and expressed my fear that I am heading into a rut because I have accepted the monotony of my job and my evenings after the job.  He said, “You are in a rut; I can tell.  You need to kick it in gear and do something about it.”  Then he proceeded with a phrase he said he still goes by:

“You’re not doing something right if your family/friends aren’t questioning your sanity.” 

I laughed at first and dismissed the phrase as we moved on to discussing ways I could make changes in my life, but here I am a week later still mulling over that phrase.  Maybe he’s got something here. 

If you’re not doing something out of the ordinary, something your friends might consider crazy, you’re most likely doing something very normal and something that’s expected of you.  Where is the challenge and personal growth in that?  I have to say I was inspired to pick a date and make some serious changes with the normalcy in my life.

What would I have to do for my friends & family to question my sanity?  I could think of several interesting and crazy things to try…

I could quit my job with great benefits to be a temp. where I could try lots of different jobs to find a better fit for me.

I could audition for professional singing or dancing gigs.

I could go back to school for a master’s in music, just because I love it.

I could attend cosmetology school, because I love styling hair and I’m great with people.  And maybe one day open my own salon.

I could become a Pilate’s or yoga instructor.

I could turn my love of knitting into a business.

I could try a year of teaching.  (everyone in my family already has)

There are tons of things I could think of doing with my life/career where people would definitely question my sanity.  Would they be worth it?  Who knows?  Would I always wonder if I didn’t try any of them?  Definitely!

What crazy things would you do?  List as many as you can think of.  It’s cathartic.  I promise.



  1. Pullman said,

    I could change my major to quantum physics because I love it, but could probably never find a real job.

    I could transfer to an east coast school so I could compete my horse all year round.

    I could become a video game tester.

    I could change my major to law and begin a career in politics.

    I could volunteer at a dinosaur fossil excavation site.

  2. Rebecca said,

    This is a great post. Thank you for sharing!

    I could become a waitress or a bartender.

    I could be a starving writer.

    I could be an artist.

    I could be a teacher.

    I could go get my MBA for a large amount of money.

    I could move to Canada.

  3. Kelsey said,

    Good post Kate! I must admit I totally support this philosophy! Even though I’ve never met Phil’s father, I think it’s safe to say that he is a wise wise man. As you probably know by now, after multiple phone-conversations, this is actually a question I’ve contemplated quite a bit this particular quarter. I am always in support of the random, unexpected, spontaneous, yet most likely fabulous, memorable and life-changing course of action!
    Things that would no doubt be a question of my sanity:

    Take a quarter off school and travel or come live with you in D.C.!!
    (mom would love that one wouldn’t she?)

    This summer–NOT work, NOT intern, and travel to India, Ireland, or
    New Zealand to volunteer my time and live with a strange family.
    (Is it bad that I’m actually considering this one?)

    I could postpone my degree here at OSU and instead finish an ASL
    associate’s degree at CSCC simply because I’m IN LOVE with ASL!
    OR I could overachieve and attempt BOTH!

    I could cash-in my raincheck and follow through with an original plan
    from this past summer to go sky-diving! (i was suited up and then it was
    cancelled due to cloudy weather :/ Still something I know I MUST try
    again before I die!)

    I could take up mountain climbing or snow boarding as my new hobby

    *I totally think you should heed Phil’s father’s advice and start searching for what’s going to really make you happy and shake things up. Life’s too short to be living a life that you’re not absolutely in love with every day! (or …well… at least most of the time ; ) ) So “kick it in gear!” and make me question your sanity! (and as my sister, I expect you to consistently question mine)

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  5. LA said,

    Since my current employment will be ending soon (as in four days from now) it’d be a convenient time for me to make a drastic change if I dare to. I could choose to pursue any one of the following things, or I could look for a job in the same field I”m currently working in. Among the daring options:

    I could move to London. (Still kicking myself for not doing a semester-long study abroad program there.)

    I could quit the 9 to 5 and try my hand at the showbiz I’m surrounded by (musical theater, dancing, acting, singing gigs).

    I could get my MBA in hopes of it aiding me in a quest to conquer the business world.

    I could combine options 1 and 3 and get my MBA in London!

    I could apply for a job in event planning, because it’s something I’ve been doing as a hobby for YEARS (since fourth grade), but never professionally.

    I try to remind myself that if there’s any time to try something daring or crazy, it’s NOW, while I’m young and responsible for only myself. I’m pretty much like Pinnochio– I’ve got no strings to hold me down! So now, it’s just up to me to find the courage to take a chance!

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