November 21, 2007

Thanks be to Coffee and College

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You’ll never guess where I am! That’s right, back in that sacred place that we are trying to recreate here in our blog – the coffee shop! It is strange, I must say, to be back in my college town sitting in the coffee shop where I spent many hours and many dollars on coffee trying to make it through study sessions and long conversations. I feel old (though I know I’m not) and as if I’ve lost something that I can never get back.

As I was studying the wall menu to see what had changed in the last year since I had been here, I didn’t even notice the cashier who was an old music colleague. We chatted for awhile (holding up the line), finding out what the other had been up to since the last time I was on campus. Two things stuck with me from our conversation:

1. When I told him that for the past year I have been living in Washington, D.C., he said, “Wow, that must be a great city. Do you love it?” And of course, I mustered some fake enthusiastic response and followed it by something about new cities taking time to get used to.

2. Then when the conversation turned to him, he told me of his lack of plans post-graduation and how he is thinking of taking some additional and different courses to prolong the college experience. “I’m in no hurry to enter the real world,” he said.

First of all, isn’t it interesting how the city, job, etc. that I find to be simply OK sounds so cool to someone who isn’t there doing what I do? I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. I found myself wishing that I could appreciate more the opportunities I have in the big city where I’m living. I also found myself wishing I hadn’t been in such a hurry to finish college and get out on my own – enter the “real world”. Maybe he was on to something in prolonging college to explore other areas of study. I know that is an expensive option not available to everyone, but I wanted to tell him that the “real world” is not all it’s cracked up to be.

However, in the spirit of it being the day before Thanksgiving, I don’t want to be a complete pessimist, so I will say that I am thankful for all the people throughout my college experience who helped me become who I am today. I am grateful for that. And I am thankful for my friend who was always up for a good cup of coffee and conversation. This place was never the same without you.

Happy Thanksgiving!




  1. LA said,

    Which one were you at? COJ- The site of the oft-remembered financial debates after “Carmen” or SB- site of my first taste of a black tea lemonade?

  2. DC said,

    COJ (mainly for their free wireless) and for remembering the financial debates 🙂

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