November 21, 2007

Re: Thanks be to Coffee and College

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True, it’s much more glamourous from the outside to think about moving away to a big city.  But glamour aside, it’s an esteemed move to make.  You made a move and took a chance.  You’re on an adventure!  You’re doing something most people never dare to. 

 It’s true that sometimes big cities aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be (traffic, ENORMOUS rent payments, etc.) but I figure that this is the best time in our lives to be here. 

Have you thought of making a list of everything you’d like to do/see before you eventually move away?  I went so far as to buy a guidebook so I don’t miss out on any lesser-known, but still appealing attractions.  Then, make it a point to check off one or two things a month.  This might help with making sure you take advantage of every thing the city has to offer while you’re there. 

I definitely understand your “grass is greener” perspective though.  I’m extremely happy here in LA, but sometimes I still find myself missing Nashville and Seattle.  But I know once I took the initiative to move to either one, I’d be missing LA just as much, thus, my quandry.  I guess there’s more than one perfect city for each of us, after all.  🙂


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  1. DC said,

    Ugh to ENORMOUS rent payments, but you are right in that this is the time to be here! And again you are right in that not many people have the guts to do what we are doing! (give yourself a pat on the back)

    I was actually given a guide book as a gift before I moved here last January. During my internship I think I crossed off a new site every weekend! But my tourist days have slowed down a bit, and I should kick it back into gear. Who knows how much longer I will be here, and when I leave I want to really feel like I lived here and knew the city well.

    This can be my test run for all the other cities I hope to move to and live in throughout the course of my life.

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