November 8, 2007

The Likability Factor

Posted in Politics tagged , , , , at 10:04 am by Katelyn

I was watching the Today Show this morning as I do every morning (when I should be getting ready for work) when they did a short segment on a recent poll regarding the fierce competition between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  I promptly sat down, make-up in hand, to see what results they had found. 

According to the poll, when it comes to likability and trustworthiness, Obama wins hands-down.  But when it comes to experience, knowledge, and most likely to get the job done right, Clinton takes the polls.  It raised a question for me about what factors will be most important to the American public when choosing the Democratic candidate, assuming it comes down to these two. 

As a voter, would I be able to overcome the fact that I dislike someone and choose her because in my gut I know she has the experience for the job?  Or would I go with a person I really like and hope that my support and his good nature will help him learn the way in his new job?  I, myself, am struggling with these candidates.  I’m not saying I don’t like Clinton, because I do, but there is something about Obama that just makes you want to root for him.  If I put it into a real-life situation, it becomes more difficult – If I were choosing teams for a class project, it would be hard for me to pick the girl who is unfriendly and a bit too proud despite the fact that she is the most knowledgeable on the subject we are studying.  I would be more likely to pick my friend because I know we would have fun and do the best we could at gathering the information. 

I know that Clinton has many supporters and people who do like her, but with Obama winning the polls in this category and what we know about human tendency to stick with those we like, does she have a shot even with her experience and knowledge? 




  1. bob sommers said,

    Great post.
    Did you know that the candidate Americans thought was the most likable has won every general election since 1960 … the first year they polled Americans on likability? Maybe Obama has a better chance that the media is giving him.
    Aloha, Bob

  2. DC said,

    @ bob sommers
    I did not know that. Interesting what the general public makes such important decisions based on. While the jury is still out for me, if that is the case in this election, I think Obama has a great shot at being the Democratic candidate. Who do you think has the likability factor on the Republican side?

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