October 30, 2007

The Path Unknown

Posted in Careers at 4:41 am by Lindsay

Due to the unstable nature of my current job, I’ve also been wondering where my career path will lead me next.  On the surface, I was one of those people who knew from a young age what I wanted to do.  In eighth grade, I discovered a passion for the music business.  I read industry insider books and devoured every copy of Billboard I could get my hands on.  I followed my interest all the way through college and eventually earned a degree in music business. 


But now as I consider my options for future employment, a variety of ideas are appealing to me.  I’ve always thought about being an event planner.  My senior business strategic management course introduced me to the exciting world of corporate strategy.  My stint as a political campaign intern was thrilling.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think it’s OKAY if we don’t have one sole career ambition or field.  We don’t need one ultimate aspiration.  Why does one job have to be the job?  I think you’re exactly right about it being a journey and a treasure hunt.  So often I think we make ourselves feel guilty if we second guess our career dreams. 


The other day, a producer on our show asked me where I see myself in five years.  The truth is, I don’t really know.  At the time, I felt bad for not having a clear and focused answer.  But I realize now that not having a clear and focused career path does not mean that I’m not living my life as a clear and focused person.  Nor does not knowing what job position I’ll have when I’m 45 does not make me a passionless person.  We’re both interesting, multi-faceted people with diverse interests and skills.  Why wouldn’t we try our hands at a few different areas?


I really like my current job, and I still find the music business challenging and exciting.  But if I don’t spend my entire career life in the industry, I won’t feel bad.  I won’t feel like I gave up on my dream or didn’t have enough passion to see me through.  I’ll know that I was happy doing what I was doing then, and I’m happy what I’m doing now. 

~ LA



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  1. Pullman said,

    By first grade I knew exactly what I wanted to be. It wasn’t until the last couple years that I realized I can still go for that goal while keeping my options open. Most of all I guess, like you, I want to find something I enjoy!

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