October 29, 2007

Less is More

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 8:03 pm by Katelyn

Last week I stumbled across an article that contained an interesting idea, and one that I am going to use.  The idea is to create a “Right-Brain File” and it comes from Michael F. Melcher, author of The Creative Lawyer, in his blog.  Melcher believes that thinking is overrated when it comes to figuring out what we should be doing with the rest of our lives and that our subconscious may already be doing the work for us; we just have to collect the results. 

A “Right-Brain File” is anything that intrigues, excites, puzzles you, etc.  and it could come in the form of an article, a photo, a brochure, a label, song lyrics, or a quote.  Don’t give any thought to the items you put in the file.  Once it has grown, look through the file for patterns or insights and hopefully it will open the door to ideas for your life. 

I am starting mine today by designating a small box to hold the contents of my “Right-Brain File.”  I think this may be harder than it sounds and I’m guessing it will take me quite some time to have a file of notable size.  How do you let your subconscious lead you to items when you have to consciously remind yourself to be looking for them?  Or how do I know I won’t pick things because I know they will lead me to certain conclusions when I review the file?

Whether or not it leads me to an epiphony, I think anything is worth a shot when it comes to learning more about yourself.



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