October 25, 2007

A treasure hunt

Posted in Careers, Uncategorized tagged , , at 8:53 pm by Katelyn

Several weeks ago while describing my current job situation to a friend whom I respect, he stopped me and asked, “If money, location, experience, etc. didn’t matter one bit, what would you love to do?”  I stared at him for a few seconds, stuttered some verbal fillers, and then said, “honestly – I have no idea”.  Sitting here thinking about that question again, I still come up with a blank.  I’ve tried thinking back to my childhood for some crazy dream of being a ballerina or a music star or something, but I can’t even think of what I wanted to be when I was a child. 

I am a driven person.  I am constantly working towards goals both big and small.  Each morning I make a to-do list at work (even if it only consists of one thing), I set goals for reading books etc., I am constantly saving items for a portfolio of professional achievements; how can I not be working towards something I would love to do?   How many people, I wonder, know what that one thing is they would do if all boundaries and obstacles did not exist?  Are we meant to have one or many in our lifetime? 

After a brief period of disappointment in myself for having no apparent direction for my career, I have decided that now that I am aware of the question, I will pursue an answer.  It may not come to me this week, this year, or this decade, but I am sure that it will.  I envy those who know what they were born to do.  But for the rest of us, I guess life just gets to be a giant treasure hunt. 



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